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PHP Code - Send SMS from Website

PHP Code to Send SMS from website, software or application

Created a web based application? or have an online eCommerce store? looking for ways to integrate your app with sms notifications to your customers? we are here to help you.

We provide free sms API integration additional support for our customers. We have builtin SMS Sending Modules and plugins for websites with CMS like joomla, opencart, woo commerce, zencart, wordpress... Explore PHP Code

Bulk SMS Service India

Bulk SMS is used in two ways, Transactional messaging and Promotional messaging.

Transactional sms are used for various alert sms messages like order confirmation from e-Commerce web site, OTP confirmation from user, transaction alert sms from bank, train and bus reservation alert, sending alerts and important information to users/employees.

We provide bulk sms API for integration of our bulk sms service with your code... Explore sms service

Python SMS integration code

Python sms integration - Send sms api code for python.

This API class uses HTTP protocol to communicate with Spring Edge sms gateway server and it is a simple way to implement SMS support in your python environment to submit SMS messages. As python has built in functionality for HTTP, this is a very simple and efficient solution to send messages to the mobile. ... Explore Python sms api

SMS Gateway integration with JAVA

JAVA SMS API Gateway integration.

Java refers to a number of computer software products and specifications from Sun Microsystems that together provide a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform environment. We provide sms API integration additional support for our customers. We have built-in send SMS API to integrate with java ... Explore More

How to send sms using Oracle Procedure

Sending sms with oracle database procedure

Set-up Oracle database procedure to automatically monitor for problems and send sms alerts to cell phone. Call oracle database procedure with sms gateway url, sms api and gateway api data.. ... Explore More

Dedicated long code number - India

Receive sms over web with long code number in india

Dedicated long code virtual number enable the functionality receive information from users/customers. It allows them to respond sms on a dedicated virtual number. Dedicated Virtual Number, A 10 digit long code dedicated to you. All the incoming SMS will be forwarded to your server script/url.. ... Explore More

Ruby on Rails SMS Gateway Integration

ROR - Ruby Code to Send SMS integration with website, software or application.

Spring Edge's Ruby sms class uses HTTP protocol to communicate with sms gateway server and ruby application, it is a simple way to implement SMS gateway in your ruby environment to submit SMS messages. ... Explore More

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