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2 Way Messaging

Spring Edge offers you a Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS over web. Two-way messaging opens the communication channels to let businesses interact in 2-way conversations by receiving an inbound message from a subscribers, thus creating a powerful 2 way messaging communication platform. 2way sms is highly productive to engage the user into a rapid and cost-effective multi directional communication.

SpringEdge's 2 way Messaging provides the functionality to interact with your mobile audience, to stimulate consumer interest or collect consumer information through advertising or marketing campaigns. It allows subscribers to respond to sms campaigns, send follow-up replies, provide feedback, participate in loyalty programs and competitions as well as build new and existing relationships.

To run a 2-way messaging service, a number is required to receive the inbound message. Spring Edge’s 2-way SMS service offers short codes and long numbers to receive real-time SMS responses immediately and efficiently. These ten digit numbers are accessible globally and not just restricted among networks in India. Subscribers can send sms from anywhere to virtual number and that message can directly visible on web, You can have a further execution like sending a confirmation or response based on your requirement. Moreover, messages on long codes are charged as per cost of regular SMS plan of the subscriber unlike sms on short codes which are charged at a premium rate. Long code is an apt solution to strike a two way communication with existing customers hence resolving their queries and even intimating them about any notification.

With our trusted reliable gateway and cost-effective reply paths, the message replies can be forwarded to email addresses, stored in the application Inbox, or forwarded to your URL via our API.

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