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  Bulk SMS Gateway service

Bulk SMS Gateway is used in two ways, Transactional sms service and Promotional bulk sms services.

Transactional sms gateway is used for various alert sms messages like order confirmation from eCommerce web site, OTP confirmation from user, transaction alert sms from bank, train and bus reservation alert, sending alerts and important information to users/employees using web interface or api code to send sms instantly.

Promotional sms gateway is used mostly for marketing and advertisement. SMS marketing is become most popular because it is cheapest marketing solution. Our bulk SMS gateway is considered as the best bulk SMS service provider in India. Bulk SMS is best and one of the easiest way to communicate with large number of audience instantly.

We provide sms gateway API for integration of our bulk sms service with your software/application code. Along with voice, email and chat communications, bulk SMS has become an additional and often preferred communication channel for the growing community of mobile users. Customers today want to leverage bulk SMS gateway service to do everything from inquiring about the status of a delivery to texting for listing information on a house they are interested in purchasing. Customers want to leverage SMS as a primary form of communication.

SpringEdge sms APIs and add-ons can be integrated with programming languages like ASP .NET, Java, C, C++, PHP, ROR, JSP, Android, Node.js, Python, C# etc and CMSes like opencart, WooCommerce, magento, Prestashop and WordPress etc.

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Difference Between Promotional SMS and Transactional Messaging

Transactional SMS informational messages, booking and order alerts.

Messages are delivered to all numbers both DND and non-DND numbers.

Transactional SMS are delivered 24x7 with no time restriction.

Transactional SMS can be use a 6-alpha character Sender ID for your business. Ex. TM-SPEDGE

Promotional SMS is marketing messages like offers, discounts or promotions.

Messages are only delivered to non-DND numbers.

Promotional SMS can be sent only between 9am and 9pm.

Promotional bulk SMS will be delivered with a random 6-digit Sender ID Ex. TM-573627

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