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Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting is to reach large number of people in the shortest time which is used for promotions, updates, building closures and send information quickly. Traditional phone dialer attached to your phone lines and makes you wait for the calls to complete. Voice broadcasting allows to make multiple simultaneous calls without any waiting.

Spring Edge makes your voice messaging campaigns very structured and efficient with in depth analytics and reports to optimize your automated dialing campaign, breakdown of the calls made, transfers and costs for your voice broadcasting campaigns.

You can use our text to speech and ivr functionality to create a voice call flow or upload any audio files that you already have. Listen to the audio files to make sure it is perfect, before you process the campaign. You can schedule automated calling campaigns to your customers with your custom audio message using voice messaging. Telemarketing team has limitation to connect with targeted audience where voice broadcasting can connect with thousand voice calls at a time to targeted audiences.

Voice broadcasts are an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver appointment reminders, promote events, automate customer alerts, feedback surveys, press button campaigns, service notifications, event invitations, lead generation etc.

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