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  Vtiger crm SMS integration

Vtiger crm sms integration - Send sms api code for Vtiger crm

Vtiger CRM is an open source CRM application developed by the company Vtiger. Vtiger CRM is available as free open source software based on PHP and MySQL, and as a subscription-based cloud application through Vtiger's website. looking for way to integrate sms gateway notifications with Vtiger crm? we're here to help you. We provide free sms API integration additional support for our customers.

How to send transactional SMS from Vtiger crm:

* Request for messaging account here to get sms gateway api key.
* Download Sample Vtiger crm sms integration code from downloads section of our sms application.
* Integrate sms functionality with Vtiger crm and enjoy messaging.

This API class uses HTTP protocol to communicate with Spring Edge sms gateway server and it is a simple way to implement SMS support in your Vtiger crm environment to submit SMS messages. As Vtiger crm has built in functionality for HTTP, this is a very simple and efficient solution to send messages to the mobile.

We have built-in send SMS gateway service API to integrate with Vtiger crm. SMS APIs can be integrated with popular programming languages like ASP .NET, java, C, C++, PHP, ROR, JSP, Android, Node.js, Python, C# etc.

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