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  SMS OTP for Mobile Number Verification

OTP SMS is an authentication mechanism which is mainly used to deliver a one time password for purpose of verifying mobile number. The best advantages of SMS OTP can be taken while user registration, password reset, login, profile update and while making an online transaction. OTP Messages are built to identify the user and provide a two factor authentication and makes online activities safe and secure. Also, OTP SMS Services must be fast enough to deliver messages instantly which serve the purpose of verifying the transaction within the specified time frame.

Nowadays, online transactions are necessary for almost every person in one way or the other to use online services or purchase of different products and services. Here a randomly generated OTP is used as a mode of authentication to verify the users before a transaction or running a session. This OTP token is delivered to user's mobile using transactional or service implicit SMS route. For additional security of applications, the OTP is stored in such a way that it would be valid only for provided time frame; post that user need to request for a new OTP code.

Here is the OTP SMS Life-cycle for mobile number verification:
   1. Generate the random number / string a OTP at server side.
   2. Store OTP to a temporary storage ( ex. sessions ).
   3. Send OTP number to user using sms services / SMS API.
   4. Take input from user and compare it with the stored value.

SMS OTP is the best way to validate the mobile number in a very simple way. There are several benefits of using bulk sms and OTP services from Spring Edge. Ex. Messages get delivered instantly to user, Live SMS delivery status is available without any delay and OTP gets delivered on DND subscribed numbers too though-out the India on all the Indian mobile networks without any time restriction. Also, Use of OTP services provides an additional benefit to the companies that all of users data will be verified and valid after using OTP. Thus company can relay on its recorded mobile number's for further processing and required actions.

How to integrate SMS API to send OTPs :

* Request for trail messaging account here.
* Get Send sms API and code for respected technology/platform.
* Integrate sms API code with application and enjoy messaging.

SMS APIs can be integrated with popular programming languages like GoLang, NodeJs, Java, .NET, C++, PHP, ROR, JSP, Android, Python, C# etc.

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